Welcome to Doba

    As a mayor of Doba village, I address a warm and sincere welcome to all who visit this site, those who, by accessing this page, want to have information about the town hall's activity and I greet all the visitors from other cities or countries, that want to have knowledge about the daily life of this village, to know about it's past, about the cultural values and the villagers or it's present and the perspectives for development.
    We wish, by this way, to sustain our citizens, offering them the right to access the information developed by the local administration and in the same time  to be an opened window for all those who want to know us and our village.
    As a citizen of this village, i thank in the name of our villagers, to the visitors from this country and abroad, for having the curiosity and desire to know more about us, thinking that maybe you will discover business opportunities of any nature, that we hope will determine you to invest in our village. We assure you about the existence of a local open minded and transparent  public administration.
    Having this information you will surely find at least one thing that will get your attention and desire to know better this regions; friendly, hospitable people; and  charm of a friendly village as it is Doba.
    We don't have to forget that every citizens opinion matters. If you care about your village, if you want to raise a problem, don't hesitate to contact us! I will try to give answer as soon as possible to your solicitations for

        Let's think and build our village future together!

                                                   Mayor of Doba
                                                   Ing. Ghetina Mihai